Sri Jaya Pillow Pau: A Must To Try In Pahang

French bread, German bread, Irish bread... These are some of the world class famous bread we've always heard of. What about Chinese bread? Of course Chinese bread is famous as well.

Chinese bread is also known as 'pau' (包子) and its mainly white in color and is a type of steamed filled bun. Here we have an interesting pau that I've found in Sri Jaya, Pahang and this pau is known as 'Pillow Pau'. Sounds interesting aye?

So why do we call it pillow pau? As you can see from the picture above, the pillow pau really looks like what its name has been given: a pillow. Its huge in size but is adorable.

This pillow pau costs me RM7.50 and you know what, it takes 3 person to finish it. The texture is soft, and what I like the most is its filling.

Due to its rolled-up structure of the inner part, pillow pau actually tastes good and not too dry. There are 3 types of fillings available: kaya paste, peanuts and tau sa (black bean). Well then, get a bite, get Sri Jaya pillow pau!

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